spring 2012

White-to-white concept yarn

white to white

White-to-white concept yarn for world-wide market.

White-to-white yarn is one of great concept for using Kongkiat’s fancy yarn. There are many benefit using this concept. White-to-white is great for marketing to world-wide market. Dyeing house can dye any color as the customers want to reflect the fashion color trend. Customers can order one item in one container and then ship to the market and then order the dyehouse to lab the color as the customer request. Many Kongkiat’s fancy yarn using this kind of concept the create various color in garment collections.

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Kongkiat Presentation.

Presentation kongkiat yarn collection

Kongkiat presentation update 2011’s yarn collections.

Kongkiat just released the new fresh presentation as slide-show. You can understand what Kongkiat Textile is all about in just 15 minutes. The slide will show you how to reduce the cost of using Kongkiat’s fancy and novelty yarn in the knitting facility , and present about how to use the effect yarn in garment industry.

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