Spun Silk Yarn in Thailand

Kongkiat is now can develop the yarn product with silk as staple fiber such as Kibiso silk or Eri silk. The silk materials can be blended with any kinds of traditional materials or even high-ended fiber such as wool or organic cotton (with GOTs sertified). Cusomters may let Kongkiat create the sample or do the experimental product lab spinning for any kinds of product idea that fashion brands do have in mind. Or you can simple send the sample fabric to Kongkiat in Thailand and let Kongkiat international sale rep contact you for developing the products with you. Here are some of the list that Kongkiat has now offering to world-wide fashion retails brand and B2B customers. 1. spun silk yarn from mulberry silk & eri silk Kongkiat spins spun silk yarn in 100% silk material in different yarn size . from Ne5 to Ne 60 for quality spun silk yarn. For environmental friendly production, we can use high quality unreelable cocoon material to our transformation process with the consistant quality yarn. Kongkiat Textile (Thailand) proudly present spun silk yarn with our innovative and update to date machine. High quality spun silk yarn can achieve based on customer requirement. In Kongkiat spinning facility, we have a wide range of spinning systems based on customer request. 2. silk blended yarn spun silk fiber mixed with other fine material (which can be both natural such as fine organic cotton, wool, cashmere, bamboo, linen, rayon, or synthetic fiber) can be produced in our factory. this will give you customized quality and suit for your market demand with our in stock material. Most silk blended yarn that customers selling on the market now mostly blend with the high-end fiber such as Wool or Organic Cotton with GOTs certified. 3. silk Melange Yarn Mixed colored silk fiber into spun silk yarn creates heather effect or melange effect. popular texture and color are suitable for a more fashionable look of silk fabric. Plus, a benefit of consistent color in the same production lot comparing with dyed yarn which has a limited quantity in dyeing pot. 4. dyed spun silk yarn Our own dyeing factory controls shade and color according to samples sent to customers. spun silk yarn will be dyed into wide range of color to your request. Now Kongkiat can produce with both yarn dyeing method and fiber dyeing method which require the melange yarn effect in-house. You can let Kongkiat combine any kind of fiber with special mixing process and dye both materials in the same pot. However, the developing process and testing may require for unknown fiber fix combination. 5. eri silk spun yarn Eri silk is a wild silk with better comfortable feeling. feel warm during winter and feel cooling during summer. its function is from bigger air space inside fiber itself. 100% or blend spun eri silk yarn is our special yarn to provide you throughout the year. This kind of silk is the most used for spun yarn with all the function that normal silk has but the fabric may look rough and contain the modest look for finished product. contact us : Office Phone :  +66 2 463 6460 Export Sale Mobile phone number :  +66 81 832 9390 Support Email : [email protected] SkypeID : Kongkiat Textile Co ltd 21 Soi Ratburana 44 Ratburana Road Bangkok 10140 Thailand Google Map : GPS Decimal : 13.673127, 100.517013

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PREMIERE VISION YARNS SS 2019 FEEDBACK Kongkiat Textile Co.,Ltd. most appreciates for your support our company. At fair, we got the great positive feedback from our several visitors. We are very pleased to present all of our new innovative fancy yarn items to attendees.There are Top 3 fancy yarn items which are the most interested as followed. KAPOK YARN KAPOK is a natural fiber. The fibers that surround the kapok seeds are best used. It has several advantages over more commonly used materials. We regularly blend with high quality cotton. KAPOK blended yarn has soft hand feeling and keep warm. This yarn is 100% organic yarn. ZEUS YARN ZEUS yarn is our new innovative fancy yarn with unique character and have never seen in the market before. After knitting and dyed fabric, the fantastic appearance will be shown obviously. It’s look like the huge cloudy on fabric. UNICORN YARN Unicorn yarn is a yarn with uneven texture effect. Designers are looking for the texture effect in the yarn to create the new fashion.

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KONGKIAT TEXTILE Participate INTERTEXTILE SHANGHAI 2015 Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Exhibition 2015 (InterTextile) 13 – 15 October 2015 / China, Shanghai If you plan to visit Intertextile Shanghai ,13-15 OCT 2015, Please visit our booth at Hall 5.2 (E-128) at Thailand Pavilion. And this time the organizer is change the Exhibition to NECC, as below address. Come to see our new innovative fancy yarn. This year, we prepare lots of new items to show you. For more information please contact  [email protected] For the anniversary 30 years of our company, we will extremely present our huge of our new innovative Fancy yarns which are based on our revolutionary ideas and concrete marketing strategies. All visitors will find our innovative Fancy yarns with unique appearance and trendy that you have never seen before. ***If you are fashion designer, please kindly contact our staffs for free anniversary souvenir*** Click here to see more Fabric Swatches

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