DEFINITION : TKXW-A001T yarn is a mohair like effects yarn. This yarn
consists of two different materials, Polyester fiber and Rayon fiber. The
background part which is 94%of the yarn is Polyester. The effects part which is
6% of the yarn is Rayon. TKXW-A001T is one of our new innovative Fancy Yarn
that gives very soft hand feel as same as regular yarn on knitting structure. It’s
suited for circular knitting and weaving.
The product is “white to white” , it means that we provide this quality in raw
white yarn form only. To achieve as swatches in this catalog , Customers should
knit and dye on fabric with their facilities. There are 2 choices for designers to
select their most preferable shade & appearance as following :-

1. One part dyed : Dye on Polyester based only with Disperse dyestuff.
2. Two part dyed : Dye on Polyester based with Disperse dyestuff first and
dye on Rayon part with selected Re-active dyestuff later.
There are so many utilizations from TKXW-A001 T fancy raw white yarn. There
are. –

1. Freedom to customize your own colors.

2. Reducing inventory cost. No need to keep in various color yarns form in
warehouse from now on. Just only using one raw white effect yarn.

3. Increase productivity in the knitting process. Since one fabric can be dyed
in may different ways, knitters don’t have to stop their knitting machines in
order to change production lots.