Tk Nerd

Kongkiat Textile is please to present our new innovative yarn named TK NERDY. It can be produced on 100% polyester, CVC, T/C, T/R. We provide every yarn count depend on customer requirement. Customer can bring to knit, single jersey, pique. Customer can bring to weave, weft and warp. It is easy to knit and cheap price. Customer just washes the fabric.

The effect is deep color short stripe and long stripe spread on the fabric, customer can choose normal color or luminous color. NERDY is developed for solving the patterning on weaving representing Space Dyed that cannot weft.

This yarn is suitable for T-shirt, casual clothes, fancy clothes, sport wear, and shirt. In this catalog, we provide many colors for customer’s idea. Customer can customize color by yourself and can develop for your individual color.