Kongkiat Textile has developed a new innovation yarn collection with attractive
looks and unique. We combine two different colors of Neps with long streaky
effects as our signature. We blend 97% Cotton + 3% Polyester Neps for this
quality. To get appearance along fashion trend currently, Users can either bleach
or over dye on Cotton based portion.
We select only the best effects. There are :-

30/1 SUPER-012 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Yellow & Orange Luminous neps
30/1 SUPER-002 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Green & Red Luminous neps
30/1 SUPER-008 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Blue & Pink Luminous neps
30/1 SUPER-009 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Violet & Orange Luminous neps
30/1 SUPER-014 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Blue & Orange Luminous neps
30/1 SUPER-017 NP : 97%Cotton+3%Polyester Lemon & Purple Luminous neps

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