Kongkiat has introduced Space dyed yarn into the market for a very long time.We can now producing Space dyed yarn on polyester part by using disperse dyestuff to create Space dyed effect. The benefits of polyester Space dyed are : 1) Tolerance to bleaching or reactive over dye.Customer can knit polyester Space dye with other regular cotton, tc or cvc then do the bleaching or reactive dyeing on the fabric. The color of the Space dye will remain the same after dyeing. Customer also can knit polyester Space dye with heather grey (CA) or dark charcoal (CDK 01) then do washing on the fabric. The color of the Space dye will remain with the mélange effect. 2) Less cost for fancy item Cost of of the Space dye polyester is lower than Space dye cotton. Also there is no bleaching require before we produce the polyester Space dye, So we can lower the cost on production 3) Luminous color With disperse color, We can experiment with luminous color which can not be done on reactive product. We select many luminous color combination to make the polyester space dye stand out of fancy item. Customer can combine these advantages and make amazingly beautiful collection.

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