Space Dyed Terry

Kongkiat Textile is pleased to present our new collection named SPACE TERRY. It is created from our product
Space & Sun. We create many designs, single jersey, terry, and lacoste. There are many composition, single
jersey 55% polyester + 45% cotton, terry 60% cotton + 40% polyester. Space Poly is 100% polyester, it is high
strength yarn, easy to knit. It can knit alternately with other yarn. We help customer saving cost and create new
design. This yarn is color yarn, customer just wash fabric. This product bring Space Dyed knit in new design,
stripe single jersey knit alternately with top dyed yarn. Terry form, we create new design and help customer
saving cost. It is suitable to do sweater, fancy t-shirt, teenager wear, and sport wear. In this catalog, we provide
deep colors from trendy colors and knit alternately with top dyed yarn for new looking.