DEFINITION : is a yarn which composed of special bright polyester
fiber called “Shiny Fiber” mixing with Cotton fiber based.
The yarn’s composition is 90%Cotton + 10% Shiny Polyester.
GEMW-AC001CG gives very soft feeling of elegant and luxury
looks on regular knitting structure. It is suited for circular knitting
and weaving .

The product is “white to white” , it means that we provide this
quality in raw white yarn form. Customer should knit and dye on
fabric with their facilities. Strongly recommend to dye with Medium
up to Dark shade. There are 2 choices for fabric dyeing process :-
1. One part dyed : Dye on Cotton base only with Re-active dyestuff

2. Two parts dyed : Dye on Shiny Polyester with Disperse dyestuff first,
then dye on Cotton part with Re-active dyestuff later.

So, customer can design their own colors with the shiny sparkling
effects. They can just dye the fabric to match with color trend of
each coming season.