Fila Space Dyed


Kongkiat is pleased to present FILA SPACE DYED POLYESTER VOL.4 with color trends from around the world and will take place during Spring-Summer 2018.

There are four civilizations. Beyond-Botanical Greens, is the green nature in the future, we will use Jasmine Green matched to the color of the tropic moss and myrtle mixed dimension of the forest at night. Power of Wind Pink, when we take about the power of nature, pink is strength equal access to green. It is pink nature on space dyed pattern from the flowers geranium be broken up into various colors and shades of the wood violet and the end of nature. Living in the future It is designed to be human. Electric Life, when human is controlled the power by soft electricity and the electrical power up to life. We use neon green and color from copper wire to connect the electric charge of the energy.

This is suitable for sport wear. Butterfly Blue, found in South America, the Mexico. These butterflies are amazing, both eyes lined with beautiful blue. Blue Morpho Butterfly glittering blue and green edged with black. As one of the largest butterflies in the world and in the future, it is an animal that is filled with people.