CRYSTAL yarn is a blending fiber between rayon(viscose)
(or cotton or Acrylic) with super bright nylon fiber.CRYSTAL
yarn is a mix of contrast texture,dull and shiny.This unique
effect with long slub effect of shiny nylon effect randomly
appears on the fabric create an elegant look.
The yarn is shiny and soft hand touch. It comes in
white to white form so that customer can knit into
greige fabric then dye with reactive dyestuff for rayon and
cotton or basic dyestuff for acrylic on background to create
more color variety. Crystal yarn is suited for circular knitting
(especially loose knit fabric,) weaving fabric, and lady’s wear.

CRYSTALW-001RG (90%Rayon(viscose)+10%Polyester Gem)

CRYSTALW-002CG (90%Cotton+10%Polyester Gem)

CRYSTALW-003AG (90%Acrylic+10%Polyester Gem)

For customers who concern about fabric cost they can
use “end on end knitting technique” (feeder by feeder).
By using one end of CRYSTAL yarn and the other end of
regular cotton or rayon, customer can average material
cost to lower the “whole fabric” cost. We recommend
“one by one” to “one by two” feeder. With this mix ratio,
the fabric still has obvious bright shiny effect.