Kongkiat Textile has developed many product for our customers. This yarn is new innovative yarn name CRAPE 2. We develop from CRAPE, pastel color. It is contrast color from CRAPE. Customer will love and be excited with this product. The composition is 80% cotton + 20% polyester. This yarn is color yarn, customer can bleach with OBA (recommend) or wash. And you can over dyed depend on your color requirement.

We can provide 4 colors on this yarn. The effect is long stripe and twist on fabric. It is suitable for yarn count NE. 30/1 single jersey 28 gages or 24 gages. For others knitting pattern, lacoste, pique, rib will be new attractive pattern. This product is for t-shirt and fancy cloth. It is cotton rich so it can be export to every market such as US, EU,JP. We provide many colors sample in this catalog.

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