Kongkiat is pleased to present our new yarn, BITW-DE026P.
This yarn is made by Ring spinning machine.
This yarn is suitable for yarn count NE 30/1 or lower.
It is raw whit yarn (white to white) composed of two materials,
87% polyester + 13% cotton.


Customer can dye one part and two parts.
Reactive dyed on cotton part, looking like streak color depending on requirement of customer. Disperse dyed on polyester part and bleach on cotton part, deep color background. And two parts dyed, reactive dyed and disperse dyed, customer can dye the same color tone or contrast color tone. The effects of this yarn are knot, long streak, and short streak on fabric.
You will get soft hand feeling. It is easy to create the collection.
We have various colors in this catalogue for your idea. It is suited for
teenager target, T-shirt and casual wear.

There are the advantages of BITW-DE026P fancy raw white yarn;

  • Freedom to customize your own colors.
  • Reducing inventory cost. No need to keep in various color yarns in warehouse as before. Just stock only on raw white effect yarn.
  • Increase productivity in the knitting process. Since one fabric can be dyed in many different ways, knitter does not have to stop their knitting machines in order to change production lots.


    download fancy yarn collection catalogue Kongkiat