Pineapple leaf fiber now can be blended into sustainable yarn.

Pineapple leaf fiber is one of the fiber that bring into focus by our business since it has the high business potentials for many reasons. The most compelling issues that relate to this fiber is of course, the sustainability by using this fiber compare to other kind of fiber in the market.

The pineapple is the fruit that consumed by almost all people in the world which leave the massive bio degradable by products which are the leaves of the plant. However, there is almost no products that use this part of the plant to make it more valuable to any industry.

You may have seen pineapple yarn or fabric already, but they are all just the hand-crafted products and cannot be transformed into the mass production using proper technology. For this reason, you are not getting the products that can be claimed that sustainable using pineapple fiber just yet.

Pineappl leaf fiber and yarn for manufacturer , ready to be on fabric now!

Now the pineapple leaves are been processed at the factory nearby the pineapple processing plant as the raw materials. After the raw materials being processed, the pineapple leaf can become long fiber which now has big denier but still require more scouring or light bleaching in the dye bath later on at the fiber factory.

Right after passing the wet process at the dye house, the fiber become finer but still have the high strength as its main property. Compare to the cotton fiber, the pineapple fiber has much more strength so that it can be used in wide variety product in many industries after changed to the fine fiber.

As a result, pineapple leaf fiber can be used to substitute the cotton with some ratio depended on the utility of the yarn that end-user going to use. Normally, the ration that market may accept as the blend and claim that the fabric is partially made from pineapple leaf fiber and have the perception of sustainability aspect is 20% W/W on the finished goods. You may discuss with the manufacturer and tune up the ratio that suit your niche or design.