Reuse the un-used material to be yarn & fabric again!

We can regenerate T-shirt, shirt, shorts, towel, jeans, socks, sweater, glove ,un-used fabric or dead stock fabric into yarn again to make the fabric back to life.

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At the heart of Kongkiat. We never stop develop new sustainable product to surprise the world with our new exciting products. We believe in creativity that come with industrial quality.

What else are we working on in YEAR 2021-2022 ?

We are in the era of creating the sustainable products which can heal the world and prolong the life of earth in the long term. Mostly, Kongkiat be able to convert many natural Agricultural bio-waste materials into industrials raw materials in textile and furniture industries.

Thai Pineapple Leaf Fiber

The pineapple is one of the most grown tropical fruit in the world more than 18 million tons in 2009. Since then we have collect the experience and process those pineapple leaf into the usable fiber. various range of textile products can be produced by pineapple leaf fiber such as furniture cover fabric,curtain with natural texture or even shoes. 

Hemp Fiber for Textile & Furniture

Hemp are now widely grown in many country including Thailand. The stem and its outer part can be converted into textile raw fiber. Mostly in the center of the stem can be used as the bio degradable mass that ready to be mix with other materials to reduce the carbon footprint and make the sustainable products as the result.

Exceptional Thai Eri Silk fiber

With the best quality of hand-grown eri silk worm, the eri silk can be crafted and made into the lucrative-designed fashion. Designers get some natural funtions by directly using the eri silk blend into the fabric such as warm retaining function and antibactirial.

Kapok blended fiber with functions

Kapok provide the natural functions that tend to substitute the goose feather. Kapok has the exceptional warm retaining feature naturally with out any industrial processing at all. Also it can perform the antibacterials function if blend at the certain ratio in the mixing materials. Kapok blended fiber is good to make the end-product such as dow jacket filler or sweater 

Spinning Systems

In Kongkiat spinning facility, we have a wide range of spinning systems based on customer request.

Compact Spinning
  • Best Fibre Yield with Perfect Yarn Structure
  • Genuine compact spinning process is to arrnge the fibre in a completely parallel, as a result, it gives the very best quality yarns.
  • low pilling

  • NE 20 to 60
  • Capacity 200 tons / month
  • Minimum order 600 kg
    ( per count, per item )
Ring Spinning

High Strength & Fine Yarn

  • Better and softer handle than rotor spun yarns
  • production of high strength yarns, best controlled evenness
  • Fine yarns can be produced as compared to Open end systems

  • NE 9 to 50
  • Capacity 100 tons/month
  • Minimum order 600 kg 
    ( per count, per item )
Open End Spinning

Economic Advantages

  •  low yarn production cost caompared to Ring spinning system.
  •  High delivery speeds & productivity
  • Yarn character similar to that of Ring spinning yarns.
  • Potically good mass evenness.

  • NE 5 to 40
  • Capacity 200 tons / month
  • Minimum order 300 kg
    ( per count, per item )

* Sample order quantity is negotiable.

Dyeing Facility

Kongkiat produces both raw white yarn and color yarn. So we have our own dyeing house to support all the dyeing work. We use Italian dyeing system and robotic color lab system to ensure high accuracy color and good standard. Moreover, we are very strict on washing and rubbing fastness to make sure that customer receives a perfect product. We also have twisting machine and filament winding system. Our dyeing house has GOTS certified so we can produce color yarn with organic cotton content.

Fiber Dyed
  • We can dye many types of fiber such as cotton, rayon, modal, silk, wool, polyester, acrylic
  • These color fibers will go to spinning to produce a color yarn or melange yarn.
Yarn Dyed
  •  We can dye the yarn from different material such as 100%cotton, CVC, TC, 100%polyester, Rayon, TR, 100% Silk, Silk blend, DTY polyester
  • Dyeing Capacity 100 tons/month ( Batch size 440kg, 120kg, 6kg) 
Fancy Yarn Dyed
  • We use a special technique to create a color fancy yarn such as Space dyed yarn, Zero yarn, Zigzag yarn, Star yarn
  • Production capacity 100 tons/month


Kongkiat is not in a commodity yarn business. Kongkiat is focusing on making unique yarn with high value added. We believe that our customers can create strong differentiation using our yarn.

Melange yarn

Our Top dyed and Melange yarn has more than 10,000 colors to chose from. The customer can either select from our catalog or send us small original swatch color. We can match the color and confirm the coding for you.

Melange yarn is made from OE, Ring, Compact up to customer request. Our standard blending are 100%cotton,CVC,TC,TR,100%polyster. However, you can request special blend for us. We are very open for tailor-made order.

Fancy yarn

The fancy yarn is a yarn with effect. At Kongkiat, we have developed a lot of new techniques to create a unique fancy effect. We have more than 200 types of fancy effect. Each effect has its own catalog to explain how to use and what to do.

Our fancy yarn comes in both color yarn and raw white yarn.

Blended yarn

With the flexibility in our production system, a customer can create his/her own unique blend from a different material to fulfill the need of function or brand’s request. The blending process can be in the blow room or drawing. The customer can just inform us how many blending ratios of each material, color, yarn count and spinning system.

Materials in hand

  • Basic fiber: Cotton, Polyester, Rayon, Modal, Acrylic, Tencel, Bamboo
  • High-value fiber: Eri-Silk, Mulberry Silk, Hemp, Kapok, Long staple cotton fiber
  • Functional fiber: Permanent Antibacterial polyester, Super dull polyester (Anti-UV), Micro-polyester, Keep warm fiber
  • Sustainable fiber: Organic cotton, Recycle Polyester (PET)
Technical yarn

The technical yarn is made from a complex spinning product in order to create a yarn with different functions and properties.
For example

  • Siro yarn: yarn made from 2 rovings
  • Core spun yarn: high strength yarn with a filament as a core
  • Covering yarn: low pilling yarn with filament wrap around
  • Slub yarn: OE or Ring, the yarn with thick and thin texture
  • Core spandex yarn: yarn with high elasticity using spandex filament as a core
  • High Twist and Super High Twist: yarn with high twist per inch.
  • Hollow yarn: yarn with PVA as a core
  • Zero twist yarn: yarn with PVA wrap around
  • S twisted and Z twisted yarn: yarn with low torque to reduce skewness on the fabric

Trust Finest Raw Materials

Quality Raw Material. We import and use only quality raw material for finest production. We use European Linen, High-grade cotton from the USA, Lenzing Modal, Organic cotton from India. Our production has a GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard). So we can produce organic yarn and organic blend yarn.


Satisfied Customers, we work with.We work professionally with international clients for many past years. Here are some of our satisfied customers. They are ranges from knitting mills, material sourcing agents, to designers.


Kongkiat has exported yarn to more than 30 countries. We are famous for good quality yarn and new development yarn. Most of our customers are doing long term business with Kongkiat since they like our superb quality and presentation. Customers are defined in 4 main categories, Knitting, Weaving, Sweater, and Sock..

Kongkiat has cluster and agent in these countries. If you are in these markets, our agent will give full support to you.

  • Egypt, Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong
    Philippines, South Korea

Textile Exhibitions & Events

Besides, Personal visit that we do regularly with our customers, Kongkiat attend international exhibitions and events annually. These are some of the events we’ve been on recently.

Eri silk function that has benefit as textile apparel.


Eri Silkworm comes from the caterpillar found in many parts of Thailand. Eri Silkworm is the only completely domesticated silkworm. Eri Silk moth is born as a silkworm. It spins open-ended cocoons as it morphs into beautiful moths. Eri Silkworms are fed using cassava leaves. After they are fed by cassava leaves. The caterpillar has a small spinneret on its lip, through which the silk emerges.
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Pineapple leaf fiber now can be blended into sustainable yarn.

Pineapple leaf fiber is one of the fiber that bring into focus by our business since it has the high business potentials for many reasons. The most compelling issues that relate to this fiber is of course, the sustainability by using this fiber compare to other kind of fiber in the market.
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Spun Silk Yarn in Thailand

Kongkiat is now can develop the yarn product with silk as staple fiber such as Kibiso silk or Eri silk. The silk materials can be blended with any kinds of traditional materials or even high-ended fiber such as wool or organic cotton (with GOTs sertified). Cusomters may let Kongkiat create the sample or do the […]
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Our Services

Our services and manufacturing run deep and are backed by over 30 years of experience. Got an idea about creating new kind of yarn ? Let’s talk.


We have invested a lot in Software and machine which help us to manage the complexity in the mix process. We design many special machine in house to produce our unique fancy effect yarn.  The effect yarn can be shown clearly on the fabric and garment so that designer can use the fancy yarn in the collection along with the normal garment.

With our commitment to quality and services, Kongkiat have the Velcro certification by Schlafhorst for excellent yarn’s quality. Our dyeing plant uses high quality dyed stuff and chemical which are AZO free. Our dyeing process is one of the most ECO-friendly process since almost all the water is reused. Customers can be sure that our products are safety for health and environment.


Fancy yarn is a yarn blending with special material or a yarn with spec effect. 

Kongkiat has developed many kinds of product variety. Our fancy yarn is suitable for regular knitting machine. Fancy yarn will change your fabric collection into something new and unique. Kongkiat categorised fancy yarn into many effect such as Nep yarn, long slub yarn, Linen blended yarn, Space dyed yarn, raw white effect yarn, etc. We have more than 50 effecFa for customer to choose from.


Kongkiat has strong presence in many countries including Thailand, South Korea, USA, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Philippines, South America, etc. Our customer list is keep expanding. We are well known for making new innovative yarn with design, high quality, easy to use. The main focus is circular knitting, sock knitter, sweater. Some of our product can be use in weaving process. 

If you would like to be our agent, you can contact us. We do need more agent to spread out quality and innovative yarn to the world. You are more than welcome to join Kongkiat’s agent team.

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