KONGKIAT is an innovative yarn manufacturer, specialising in producing Quality Melange yarns, Fancy yarns, and Functional Yarns. We are at the world forefront in creating and developing new and innovative textile products.

At KONGKIAT, we have our strong product developing teams and designers, creating and delivering our customers with the most trending, new and innovative various special yarns, to suit the products of our customers’ needs.

KONGKIAT is fast growing with our innovative fancy yarns products. We are expanding yarns production capacity internationally, and We are looking for potential International Agents to grow your business with us.

We are searching for Yarn Agents, Distributors, Importers, and Textile Freelance sales in many countries. Our aiming customers are Knitting Mills, Weaving Mills, Sweater and Socks producers. KONGKIAT will provide you with our best sources, presentation tools, and our products samples to help you getting started with selling our yarns.

Growing business with our innovative fancy yarns will help you go further with Textile industries. Especially, if you are selling “Basic Raw White Commodity Yarn”, “Combed Yarn”, “Carded Yarn” for both knitting and weaving. Innovative fancy yarns is an advantage in competing in price war without any differentiation.

Offering your customers with new products like innovative fancy yarns would provide you with varieties of products for your customers, which will open new market channel, bringing you with the new customers.

It will also initiate your customer into discussing more of your products, raising an opportunity to sell your commodity yarns, in which you will gain new markets from both selling commodity yarn and fancy yarns.

If you are interested in KONGKIAT Innovative Fancy Yarns products, and have customers in these following countries, please send us your company information to to apply to be our international agents.

Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Iran, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam

Australia, New Zealand

Morocco, South Africa

France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey

North America
Canada, Mexico, United States

South America
Argentina, Brazil

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