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PREMIERE VISION YARNS SS 2019 FEEDBACK Kongkiat Textile Co.,Ltd. most appreciates for your support our company. At fair, we got the great positive feedback from our several visitors. We are very pleased to present all of our new innovative fancy yarn items to attendees.There are Top 3 fancy yarn items which are the most interested as followed. KAPOK YARN KAPOK is a natural fiber. The fibers that surround the kapok seeds are best used. It has several advantages over more commonly used materials. We regularly blend with high quality cotton. KAPOK blended yarn has soft hand feeling and keep warm. This yarn is 100% organic yarn. ZEUS YARN ZEUS yarn is our new innovative fancy yarn with unique character and have never seen in the market before. After knitting and dyed fabric, the fantastic appearance will be shown obviously. It’s look like the huge cloudy on fabric. UNICORN YARN Unicorn yarn is a yarn with uneven texture effect. Designers are looking for the texture effect in the yarn to create the new fashion.

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