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INDIGO YARN Kongkiat Textile has developed our special technique on our new melange Indigo, making it possible to precisely control the 'Indigo color depth' on new melange Indigo fiber homogeneously throughout the whole process. In which, it means that you can choose your 'Indigo color depth' to be exactly how you want from the beginning process. You want 60% deep

Sustainable Cultivated Silk

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THAI ERI SILK 'Sustainable Cultivated Silk' Cultivated silk does not involve pesticides, as the silk worms are highly sensitive to poisoning by agrochemicals. The agriculturists of Amnajcharone province who plant casava feed Eri worms for their extra income. The agriculturists can bring casava leaves to Eri worms for food. The villagers use traditional wisdom to make silk yarn. But it is


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CRAPE YARN ^ ^^^ DOWNLOAD FREE CATALOGUE   CRAPE YARN 100% cotton CRAPE YARN is a 100% cotton melange color yarn. We blend up to 4 colors in single yarn. The CRAPE effect is a layer of color on top each other. You can see long color stripe blending and twisting with each other. This yarn is white to color


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  Kongkiat is going to exhibit our highlighting products at¬†PREMIERE VISION, Paris. 7-9 February 2017. We would like to invite you to visit us at the fair. We will be locating at the Thai Pavilion in Yarn Hall 6, Booth No. 6E56. We have developed various products to world wide market. There are the outstanding products of Kongkiat that go


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DOWNLOAD FREE CATALOG \/ SPACE & SUN   Kongkiat has introduced Space Dyed yarn into market for a very long time. We can produce Space Dyed yarn on polyester part by using disperse dyestuff to create Space Dyed effect. Space Dyed has many advantages; Customer can knit polyester with other cotton then dyed on fabric. The color of Space Dyed

Space Dyed HZ Series

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Download Free Catalog Click Space Dyed HZ Series Now, Kongkiat has invented new technigue to create new pattern of space dyed yarn. We would like to introduce Space Dyed HZ serie.This new pattern of space dyed yarn consist of 5 new patterns, each has its own unique looking. All the space dyed,we use high quality 100% cotton yarn.